Marijuana Intervention

Many people that smoke marijuana will not admit that they may have a dependency on the substance. They think that there is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana, and do not realize that it may be affecting their daily life. When a concerned family member tries to approach the loved one on the subject they tend to avoid talking about it. In a brief published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, individuals that are dependent on marijuana will often have difficulty accepting the truth of their dependence on this drug, and even for those that enter a counselor’s office the discussion becomes controversial:

In short, most users feel there is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana. They probably started using it out of curiosity, and now may not realize that they have become addicted to it. If a loved one constantly needs to smoke marijuana even if they have come across problems from using it, they may need an intervention. Consulting with a specialist for a marijuana intervention in New Jersey will be the right decision to make. These specialists educate a family who is concerned about a loved one that is using marijuana. They can help in determining which type of service or counseling program a loved one will benefit them the most.

If the use of marijuana is affecting the life of a loved one, an intervention can help the family convince the loved one that the dependency they have on marijuana is not helping them succeed. They may not see how it is affecting their focus on things or how their mood fluctuates. Their decision process is poor, and they may often lose track of time. Continued use can have a negative effect on their jobs, school, and relationships. Many will use marijuana along with other substances, like alcohol. This can lead the loved one into dangerous situations where their life becomes at risk. Emotionally, this can affect every member of the loved one’s family. Love is a powerful motivator to concentrate on when trying to intervene on a loved one’s substance abuse problem. Marijuana abuse does affect users. Love and intervention programs have helped many to recover from their dependency.

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