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Addiction Intervention in New Jersey

addiction intervention in new jersey

A drug addiction of any kind can seriously impact a person’s ability to lead a productive healthy life. Yet,the road to recovery from an addiction can be just as rocky. Concerned family members and friends usually are unable to help a loved one cope with the ups and downs of making a positive lifestyle change as effectively as a professional interventionist could. Because each person’s needs are different, an addiction intervention in New Jersey may take several months to be effective and could also include follow-up treatment long after someone leaves a rehab facility in most cases.

The Intervention

When considering an addiction intervention in New Jersey, it is most helpful to understand how someone starts down the destructive path leading to drug addiction. Perhaps they have lost hope due to some post-traumatic experience or they desire to fit in with a particular social circle. Drug addiction develops when a loved one is suffering from some type of physical and emotional pain as well. Though peer influence can be a m major factor so it is important for your loved one to be hanging around with a positive crowd.

There are a broad range of street and prescription substances available throughout New Jersey due to this state’s transportation infrastructure by land, air and sea that act as a swinging gate to drug trafficking. Cocaine is at the top of the list as the drug most associated with violent crimes. MDMA and GHB frequently used at rave parties are becoming more widely available; as are methamphetamine, Adderall, OxyContin, and Ritalin at an alarming rate and is a lucrative business. Crack cocaine, marijuana and high-purity heroin use have also skyrocketed, especially among the younger generations who tend to constantly look for new ways to reach a longer, greater high.

A loved one suffering from an addiction will surely fail trying to resist the temptation of using drugs when they have easy access to them. Resisting cravings for a particular drug of choice takes more than just will power and a tearful plea from family and friends to get a loved one to finally stop smoking, shooting up or snorting drugs. It takes countless hours working with an expert counselor to start the drug recovery process on the right track. Once admitted into a housing facility, a loved one addicted to drugs will gradually begin to learn to say no to drugs, no to a craving, and no to a former drug dealer. With loving support from an interventionist, an individual can learn to make better life decisions for long term success.

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