Alcohol Intervention

With around 200 car accident fatalities and 26,200 reported arrests per year in the state of New Jersey, there is no hiding the fact that drinking continues to be a major problem in the area. If you or someone you know is a victim of alcohol, immediate attention and professional treatment is imperative to avert the life-threatening effects of prolonged alcohol abuse. As your loved ones continue to chug on their favorite alcoholic beverages, their lifestyle relatively diminishes. Liver disease, nervous system damage, and cancer are only few of the major effects of alcohol abuse.

Oftentimes, people who have alcohol problems are reluctant to seek treatment. Even the faintest sounds of advice drive them away from the conversation. This is what an alcohol intervention in New Jersey aims to resolve. The idea is to lure in the person into a room with his/her family, friends, and colleagues to discuss the issue. Alongside the group is an intervention specialist (interventionist) experienced and skilled in the psychology of drug and alcohol abuse.

Although an intervention does not necessarily cure your loved one, it does set a more solid foundation conducive for rehabilitation. By changing the dynamics of the situation, the person is able to form a different viewpoint about his/her alcohol problems based on the opinions and thoughts offered by his/her loved ones. With this newly formed perspective, the person may give his/her consent easily to get professional help.

What do you need to commit to make an intervention work? Well, cost-wise, the fees for an alcohol intervention service are not expensive at all. Time-wise, the frequency of intervention sessions can be adjusted depending on how much time you have per week. Each session may last from as short as 2 hours to as long a couple of days. Prior the session, intense planning and preparation is needed to make sure the medium is just right for the event.

Over time, an alcohol intervention in New Jersey will help improve the chances of recovery for your loved one. In fact, it can still be sought after even while the person is already undergoing treatment. This way, the intervention serves as continuous emotional support. The process of recovering from an addiction is very difficult and will require all the help available. Contact our intervention specialist today to discuss a plan for your loved one. Stop waiting and hoping for a change and take the initiative to make the change yourself.

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